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User Guide

By using It's Your Move you have already saved yourself a bunch of time scavenging at nearby stores for moving boxes or having to purchase and put them together. So now you've got a stack of empty plastic crates, now It's Your Move but here's a few pointers lets get started.

Don't over pack the crates. Pack to within a few inches from the top this should allow ample room for the overlapping cover to work effectively. Do not force crates closed as this may damage the crates hinges and your valuables inside.

Pack uniformly, although some crates will be heavier than others, when packing remember to keep the weight consistent inside the crate. This will avoid potential damage to your items and injury to you or your movers.

Heavier crates should be placed at the bottom of any stack. The higher the crate is stacked the lighter it should be.

The use of non removable labels may leave residue incurring the cost of additional cleaning. Please refrain from writing directly on It's Your Move products.

Open food items and/or perishables should not be transported via It's Your Move products.

It's Your Move products are not suitable for the move of caustic and or abrasive chemicals, paints or solvents.

Please refrain from dragging crates and totes as they are designed to be carried or use with the dollies provided.

Security ties are available as an increased security feature and are compatible with all It's Your Move Crates and most totes.

As the products are made of plastic composites they are increasingly pliable specific to heat and may become frigid and even become damaged under freezing conditions. As such the products are not designed to be kept outside.

Don't put animals inside these crates are not designed nor are they suitable pet carriers.

Extreme caution should be used when using the Equipment in the vicinity of small children. Lids on certain crates are attached and close easily. A small child could suffocate if trapped inside a sealed crate.

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