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We’ve used It’s Your Move twice now (in 2013 and again now, Feb 2016) for reusable plastic moving boxes. They are very professional and offer an excellent, environmentally-responsible alternative to cardboard. I unreservedly recommend them.

This review is about the most recent move. We were very happy the first time too (obviously, since we are using them again), but I don’t recall all the details.

I filled out their online questionnaire, and within a few hours Ann had called me back. She was full of information, assistance and kind words (moving can be stressful and she has great interpersonal skills), letting me know about the other services they offer (moving, moving supplies and cleaning – they are completely full service company).

I ordered the boxes online, and was able to select a drop-off time that was convenient for me. They delivered them a day and a half after I ordered them (but it’s possible it could have been sooner).

I ordered 40 standard boxes (black) and 4 wardrobe boxes for a large, 3 bedroom private house. (I haven’t finished packing yet, so we’ll see if I ordered enough. Ann let me know that if I need more, they will drop more off.)

The boxes, which arrived completely clean, are very sturdy plastic and they stack inside each other to save space before you start packing.

They also provided markers, zap-straps and labels (blank for you to write on, plus Heavy and Fragile) as well as a dolly that fits securely to the bottom of the boxes for moving stacks of boxes around.

The wardrobe boxes are invaluable. You can leave all your hanging clothes on hangers, transfer them directly to the wardrobe box, and then put them directly into your new cupboard. It saves a lot of time and effort.

Ann came by to give me a free estimate for their moving services (3 men and a truck for $145/hr). She let me know that it is a family business and they only use trained employees (not day labourers). I felt very good about their professionalism. (In the end, we decided to use the same movers we used last time, since they were great and offered a return-customer discount.)

Last time we used them we found it very useful to have a pick-up deadline – it forced us to unpack in a timely manner, and get on with our life.


Wonderful company to work with. The boxes were great . Better price than the others. All the little extras are amazing; from the delivery, to the little tags and everything in between.
I highly recommend this company.

A. Gates

We were getting ready for a big move end of Oct 2013 and ‘It’s Your Move’ took away a lot of the stress you experience during a hectic time like that.

We placed our order for the quantity and type of crates we wanted and from there on, it was easy sailing. They delivered the crates right to our door and even gave us labels, markers and fragile and heavy stickers. They thought of everything. Our movers even commented on how impressed they were with our organization of the crates.

After the move was complete, we called ‘It’s Your Move’ and they schedule a convenient time for us to pick up the crates.

It was nice not having to pay for or collect boxes for several weeks and we didn’t have to worry about getting rid of them either.

It was our first time using ‘It’s Your Move’ and we will definitely be recommending them to everyone we know.

S. & A. Charles

Sep C.

I’ve used It’s Your Move (Say No to Boxes) twice now, and I will NEVER go back to cardboard boxes ever again. I’ve recommended Carrie Dhensaw and her crew to everyone I know.

The boxes are sturdy and practically indestructible and, Carrie includes helpful labels, zap-straps, markers, and “I’m moving!” post cards with the package.

The movers were able to move everything very quickly and easily because the boxes stack up beautifully when full and are a uniform size – and Carrie was also kind enough to include three dollies designed specifically to fit the boxes they rent, so we could wheel them around the house while packing; that really saves on lifting a lot of heavy stuff!

The pricing is beyond reasonable – if they charged more, I’d still pay for this rental service and I’d do it with a smile on my face.

Everyone is friendly, professional, and do their absolute best to accomodate your needs (including dropping off more boxes if you need them and environmentally friendly packing supplies!).

I can’t recommend this company highly enough.

Renee M.

We recently renovated our large master bathroom and needed to temporarily find a solution for a makeshift closet.  I could have rented clothing racks, but that would have meant that my clothes would have been exposed to the dust and dirt for the one month.  After trying to figure out a solution that would allow me to both safely store my clothes and have it functioning as a closet, I’m glad to have rented storage units from saynotoboxes.com.

It was very easy to book on line, pick my delivery date and then start filling them up. I placed all my clothes in the compartments and even put our shoes at the bottom and was able to keep the lids closed so that the dust from the renovation wouldn’t penetrate. It was also very easy to retrieve my clothes daily as it acted as a makeshift closet.
The boxes were delivered on time and when I was done with them, one phone call confirmed the pickup date and time.  

I would certainly use their services again and definitely  refer their services to those wishing to actually move ALL of their belongings. Cardboard boxes are so yesterday! these packing reusable crates are awesome! and their blue hanging boxes are the BEST!

Ozzie K

I used the reusable boxes of It’s You Move to move to my new apartment. I decide to use reusable craters instead of cardboard boxes for environmental reasons, and I was expecting to have to pay way more money, but it was a very affordable solution.

I chose It’s Your Move for three reasons: my moving company recommended them, they offer more competitive prices than the other 2 providers I got a quota, and the rental period is 30 days (other providers offer just one week and increase the price for longer rental time). And I very happy I chose them. The crates were in good condition and clean, and they were delivered and picked up in a timely way by a very nice guy who explained to me how to use them. The 30-day rental period is great, as it allows you to pack and unpack at you own pace at no extra cost. Overall, I’m very satisfied with their service.

Seila T.

Superb customer service! We had a disastrous couple of months with 2 moves back to back. I called It’s Your Move and had crates delivered at the beginning of October. Kyle delivered the boxes on time and hassle free.

By mid-month, when we hadn’t found a new place to live (!) I called to say I would need to return the crates. I spoke with Eric and was reassured that I would not be charged for the rental (just a small admin fee).

The next day we found a place to hang our hats. I called Carrie and told her I’d like to cancel the crate pick-up…could I please keep them for month’s end? Again, friendly, professional and no hassles. Carrie was very encouraging and happy to hear my stresses had been alleviated.

I found the crates to be so easy to use. I’m an “enviro-geek” and the thought of using all that cardboard to move makes me cringe. We even had two wardrobes for our clothes and two HUGE containers…for our shoes. Who knew I had that many pairs??

Anyway, a wonderful experience. I would recommend It’s Your Move to anyone looking for CLEAN, FRIENDLY and RELIABLE service.

Kirsten D.

I rented the two bedroom package off them and I’m extremely pleased with both the service they provided and the quality of the crates and totes that brought.  The staff were all really friendly, they were always right on time for pickup and delivery and I felt really good about the strength of the totes to protect all my stuff.

I’d highly recommend them to people, and in fact my Mother and Sister are now using them after seeing what it’s all about.

Ken D.

We used the storage containers, dollies and packing supplies from It’s Your Move for our last move.  After about 6 prior moves in the previous 10 years I had more than my share of experiences.  This was the first time using this system and all I can say is that I will never go back.  I strongly recommend to anyone moving to look into this.  It’ll be a time and effort saver for you during both the packing and during the actual move.  With the service provided by Carrie and Eric in dropping off the supplies and picking them up after the move, they have my recommondation.  You may not like moving, but they will help to make it a lot less painful.

Paul A.

I have moved 4 times in the last 10 years and 15 times in the last 25 years. I have used everything from garbage bags and cardboard boxes to foot lockers and duffle bags. This last move I moved a family of four with your product and I cannot fathom ever moving without your uniformed sized boxes again. From the storage of the yet to be used crates to the neat stacking of ones that are filled it removed 75% of moving stress. I would not hesitate to refer you to any family member or friend. Thank you once again.”

Tyler D.