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Fitted Crate Dolly



For use with our 75 ltr Moving Crates (crate rented separately)

Not all moving dollies are created equal, our dollies are specially designed to be used with our 75 ltr moving crates.

They are BLACK for a reason. They are made from 95% recycled material and can not be dyed colors like RED or GREEN 

Pack, Stack and Roll Away!


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Residential Application

Great option for helping move full crates around your home while getting organized for moving day.

Best option for apartment moves with long hallways/elevators.

Commercial Application

Eliminate heavy lifting with our specially designed crate and dolly system, which can reduce the risk of workplace injuries.

Many moving companies offer additional discounts in instances where crate and dolly systems are used due to ease of labour.

Product Specifications

  • Manufactured in Canada from 95% recycled plastic.
  • Solid 1 piece moulded crate dolly with 4 inch non-marking casters to provide durability and a smooth ride.