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75 Ltr Moving Crate



Move 4-5 at a time using a Fitted Crate Dolly

Stack 5-6 high on a moving truck 


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  • Canadian Made
  • Ultra-Rugged
  • Leak Resistant
  • Crush Proof
  • Produced from 95% recycled plastic
  • Tamper resistant overlapping lids
  • Ergonomic handles for safer, easier lifting
  • Nestability & convenient for easy storage
  • Security ports provide lockability via pad lock or zap straps
  • Stackability & consistent sizes make packing a breeze
  • Stacking guides prevent toppling


Fewer truck loads by maximizing truck space via consistent stackable crates combined with less manpower for your move translates into increased savings over traditional inefficient cardboard box moves.


Not all moving crates are created equal, our crates are BLACK for a reason. They are made from 95% recycled material and can not be dyed colors like RED or GREEN 


Residential Application

Recommended for most household items including;


  • dishes
  • tools
  • DVD/CD's
  • books


Initially designed for retail and shipping this crate can handle it all from your valuable breakables to your tools.

Commercial Application

  • Accommodates legal and letter size files via the use of our crate rails which fit inside
  • HIPPA/LEEDS certified, lockable, secure transport of everything from patient information to investigative files.

Product Specifications

  • 75 litre - 3.0 cubic feet
  • 28" W x 18" L x 13" H


*Not thermally insulated and should not  be used for long term storage or transportation of perishable goods requiring refrigeration.


*Not suitable for transportation of toxic or hazardous substances including; corrosives, solvents or pesticides.