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Plastic Moving Boxes are the preferred choice by consumers and moving companies in Vancouver. 

Plastic moving boxes will speed up the moving process by 1/3 saving you time and moving.

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Moving to a new home, condo, or apartment in Vancouver involves stress. Everything from whether you have the right packing materials to where you packed your favorite sentimental photo can stress you out and cause more time and energy.

Not only is it difficult to find the right supplies, equipment and even the vehicle to help you move, it can also be a hassle trying to find the right Vancouver moving company to help you in your home move, we can help. 

It’s Your Move offers an alternative to the typical cardboard moving boxes and supplies in Vancouver. It’s Your Move offers re-usable plastic moving boxes, plastic moving crates, plastic  moving totes and moving supplies to allow for the safest and most affordable move to a new home. Their services, offered throughout Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, delivers the moving boxes and moving supplies to your home, allows you to pack your personal belongings safely and transport them to your new home, and upon completion of your unpacking, they will arrive to pick up the moving boxes and moving supplies.

When moving homes in Vancouver, whether hiring a moving company who provide movers to move your personal items, or you rent moving boxes and move your items yourself, consider these home moving service tips.

  • Ensure the moving company provides  the necessary moving and packing supplies, and equipment, to help make packing, loading and unloading of items easy and efficient.
  • Use stackable boxes or containers to maximize moving space and avoid multiple deliveries. Cardboard moving boxes can break, bend and do not offer a consistent stackable format for your moving boxes. Consider re-usable plastic moving boxes.  It saves time and money.
  • Understand which plastic moving boxes and packing supplies are best suited for heavier and bulkier items, eliminating guesswork, time and damaged to the items. Cardboard moving boxes are prone to breakage for heavier items, and can rip and tear when moving in moist and rain prone cities as Vancouver.

Vancouver moving services and companies are plentiful, and finding a reputable company can be even more difficult. Individuals are re-thinking how they move and the impact it has on the environment via the use of cardboard moving boxes. A popular way to move in Vancouver is offered by It’s Your Move. It’s Your Move rents environmentally safe, re-usable plastic moving boxes, plastic moving crates and packing supplies. A popular method of moving in Europe for decades, renting re-usable moving boxes is a well suited solution to moving homes in Vancouver.

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It’s Your Move is proud to now offer moving services, packing services and storage solutions in the Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley. We’ve strive to have the best customer service in our moving supply rental and are excited to offer the same great service our client that are moving their home or office. Our moving crew has been in the moving industry for over 16 years serving the local area, long distance and overseas moves. We take pride in anything we do. We treat every job as if it was our own home and family. We thrive on positive word of mouth from YOU to people you know.

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