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  • Very great service! Person who delivered the boxes gave us great tips and was super friendly. The boxes are big and sturdy and were very easy to use. Stickers were great!

    Lisa Marie B, Burnaby

  • I recommend your service to everyone I can, I'll use you again.

    Mike P, Burnaby

  • Overall it was an excellent experience, I loved the wardrobe bins, it made moving my clothes so fast and easy! Delivery crew was friendly, courteous and informative. We did find the boxes heavy to move around the house after we had packed them - it would be ideal if they could be a little lighter, but retain their durability. The thank you card in the mail was a really nice touch. This is a very good service and I have recommended it to friends who are moving this weekend. Great job!

    Lisa B, Vancouver

  • Wonderful customer experience. The length of the boxes were awkward due to length; my problem more than anything wrong with the boxes. But really,no complaints.

    Heidi N., New Westminster

  • This was the first time I have used a company like this. It made packing, moving and unpacking very easy and efficient. I will never go back to cardboard boxes again. I also love that the boxes are dropped off at your current place then picked up at your new place. I only needed the boxes for 3 days. When I was finished with them they came and picked them up right away. I will definitely use this company again, and recommend it to anyone who is about to move.

    Chelsey L, Vancouver

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Tips from It's Your Move clients P4270060.JPG Using a hydraulic lift, these 50 moving crates were loaded onto the moving truck in under 30 minutes.

Tips from It's Your Move clients P1010072 for web.jpg Ensure content labels are all facing the same way to help quickly identify the contents of full crates.

Tips from It's Your Move clients stacked crates - for web 2.jpg The time it takes to tape a cardboard box, you can have a crate packed. It's that easy!

Tips from It's Your Move clients 3995 for testimonials.jpg Many realtors gift It's Your Move supplies to their clients as an added bonus to the many services they provide.

Tips from It's Your Move clients delivery for web.jpg Having supplies delivered and picked up saves time and money. Start packing as soon as they are dropped off.

Tips from It's Your Move clients P1010068.JPG Using the crates, totes and dollies cut loading and unloading time in half.

stacked crates - for web 3.jpg Bring full crates to your garage and have them ready in pods of 4-5 high so the movers can quickly load the truck.

crate packed with pups.jpg Pets don't want to be left behind, if they disappear while packing, you'll most likely find them in an open crate.

moving crates - for web 3.jpg This move from downtown Vancouver to Clayton Heights in Surrey contained 30 crates & 6 jumbo totes. It was completed in 3 hrs, including driving time.

P1010070-1.JPG The movers were able to move 4-5 crates at once using the Fitted Crate Dolly.

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